Sustainable Habitat Cluster participates in Webinar on "Healthy, Smart and Friendly Environments"

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The Sustainable Habitat Cluster was present at the webinar “Healthy, Intelligent and Friendly Environments”, organized by Cáritas Diocesana of Coimbra and the Nursing School of Coimbra and held on June 23, 2021.

In this webinar, Victor Ferreira, president of Sustainable Habitat Cluster, made a presentation on the functions developed by the Cluster, as well as the projects under development aimed at sustainability in the human habitat.

In addition to the professor, the engineer Isabel Lança, from the Ordem dos Engenheiros da Região Centro, were also present, with practical examples of “Accessibility and adaptability of public spaces”, and the financial director of the Regional Coordination and Development Commission of the Center,  Alexandra Rodrigues, which addressed essential topics in relation to public works and the importance of municipalities in guiding the construction of human environments.



The webinar ended with essential reflections on the importance of the human habitat as a “healthy, intelligent and friendly environment”.