Sustainable Habitat Cluster promotes the SIGHABITAT platform in a European project

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On December 15th, the Sustainable Habitat Cluster was invited by CIEBI – Centro de Inovação Empresarial da Beira Interior, as a partner of the "Inno Industry" Project (of the Interreg Europe Program), to present its platform SIG HABITAT - Sistema de Informação e Gestão do Cluster Habitat Sustentávelas an identified example of good practice for Innovation, in Industry in a context of digital transformation. This platform was developed by the Cluster in its SIAC project, between 2016 and 2018, with the support of COMPETE 2020, and has been active since that date.


The invitation came as a way of sharing experiences and good practices at European level between the partners of the “Inno Industry”. The “SIG HABITAT" project was selected by a group of stakeholders as a Good Practice, with several entities expressing an interest in knowing more details about the SIG Habitat (activities, results, etc.).

Victor Ferreira, President of the Sustainable Habitat Cluster, had the opportunity to present and make known the SIGHABITAT platform and answer a set of questions by those interested in this platform.




The SIG HABITAT - Sistema de Informação e Gestão do Cluster Habitat Sustentável is a bilingual platform that acts as a promoter of competitiveness and as an international showcase for the Habitat value chain, providing knowledge about the agents involved, their products and services, as a tool to induce cooperation, with information on products and solutions, business opportunities and innovation and also diverse information on sustainability in construction.

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