Sustainable Habitat Cluster at Techdays 2019

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R&D Space - Ideas for the Future

From October 10th to 12th, at Aveiro Fair and Exhibition Park, the Sustainable Habitat Cluster presented in its stand some innovative and sustainable solutions that its associates, R&D centers such as CeNTICTCV, CVRIPNITeCons and Universidade de Aveiro are developing in partnership with several companies.


Sustainable Habitat Cluster associates at Techdays 2019

Some associates of the Sustainable Habitat Cluster attended the Techdays Aveiro 2019, innovation and technology forum, so we highlight their participation here. The Cluster associates present were AREADOBRASCITEVECTCVIPNOLI and Universidade de Aveiro.


Techdays B2B Meetings 2019

On October 11th, the Sustainable Habitat Cluster, in partnership with the Municipality of Aveiro, organized another edition of B2B Meetings at the Techdays! At these meetings participants had the opportunity to exchange ideas, present initiatives, solutions and services, as well as find the right partners for their goals.


Industry Digital Transformation Session

Also on October 11 was held a session on "Digital Transformation of Industry". In this session, José Ávila de Sousa of the Preceram Group was one of the invited speakers, as suggested by the Sustainable Habitat Cluster. Along with other experts on this panel, the emergence and impact of digital transformation on business and enterprises were the themes discussed.


TransSMART Workshop “Sustainable Buildings and Cities”

On October 11, a meeting of the Cluster Working Groups took place, which included a Workshop with the TransSMART project under the theme "Sustainable Buildings and Cities".


Watch the video summary of the participation of the Sustainable Habitat Cluster at Techdays 2019 HERE!