Sustainable Habitat Cluster at the TECH@Portugal event

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Invited by ANI, Sustainable Habitat Cluster participated in the TECH@Portugal event, that took place on July 4 at the Alfândega do Porto, with a demonstration space that incorporated three innovation projects of associates that resulted in products already on the market. It was VPS "Cloogy", the "Green Urban Living" from Neoturf and the T&T energy facade "Senergy Force", now promoted by the new company of the group (AT Solar).

The Sustainable Habitat Cluster thanks the associates who presented their innovative solutions and highlights the positive balance of their presence in this Event, because of the interest manifested in the products by several participants who visited the stand of the Cluster during the day. Also worthy of note in this context is the visit to the stand and the interest shown by the Secretary of State for the Economy, Dr. João Correia Neves.




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