Umbelino Monteiro S.A. distinguished with the Sustainability Seal (Gold Level)

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Umbelino Monteiro, a member of the Sustainable Habitat Cluster, was awarded the Sustainability Seal (gold level) for its good practices in the field of sustainability.

As one of the main companies manufacturing ceramic tiles in Portugal, in the construction and application recommendations of its products, this entity encourages good practices in terms of construction, efficiency and sustainability.

The growing environmental responsibility leads Umbelino Monteiro to develop methods aimed at understanding and reducing the impacts associated with its activities and that is why, since the last obtainment of the Sustainability Seal, this entity has managed to go from the silver level to gold!

Umbelino Monteiro's objective is to be a sustainable company, to reduce the environmental impact of its tiles and, at the same time, to integrate construction systems that enhance the reduction of energy consumption. In this sense, this entity has been participating in several innovative building sustainability projects.

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