VI Foro Intercluster Europeo de Construcción

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At May 16, the VI Foro Europeo Intercluster de la Construcción (FIC) took place in Bilbao, in the ERAIKUNE (Basque country) headquarters, and the other Construction Clusters were also present (ICA – Asturias, AEICE – Castilla y León, ACP – Navarra) and the Sustainable Habitat Cluster. This network has, at the moment, clusters from Spain, Portugal and France. One of the bullet points of this meeting was to discuss the ongoing actions between the partners since last Foro (Gijón, 25/10/2016) and, prepare a European project that aims to facilitate and improve the intercluster exchange, for the benefit of the associated members of the clusters in this partnership. This exchange will allow, the organizations, to improve the service quality provided to the enterprises and other entities associated. Because of the rotation scheme held in the FIC, it was also established that the FIC management will be in charge of the Sustainable Habitat Cluster during this semester, undertaking the organization of the VII Fórum Europeu Intercluster da Construção, that will take place in Aveiro (Portugal) on October 11, 2017.