Workshop “Territórios e Cidades Sustentáveis”

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Last January 28 took place in the auditorium of CCDRC in Coimbra, the Workshop "Sustainable Territories and Cities", organized by the Sustainable Habitat Cluster in partnership with CCDRC.

This event is part of the Cluster's promotion activities (SIAC 40969 project supported by COMPETE) and dynamics of the cluster working group, named the same "Sustainable Territories and Cities", which brings together several related entities (municipalities, businesses and research centers, etc.).

The program involved the presence of representatives of various Intermunicipal Communities (CIM) and managers of operational programs that addressed and clarified the respective strategies and challenges for the period 2014-2020. This event was attended by about a hundred people from companies, municipalities , R & D centers and other entities.

Photos of the event can be seen on our Facebook page