DAPHabitat System

DAPHabitat System - National registration programme of Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) for the Habitat

EPDs are a tool for assessing the product/services environmental information, assuring its scientific validity with verification by a third party prior to publication. The DAPHabitat System appeared to cooperate in the creation and publication of this kind of documents in Portugal, being a national registration programme of Type III environmental declarations for the habitat.

The DAPHabitat system was built within the scope of a SIAC project, “approved within the framework of a Collective Efficiency Strategy of the Sustainable Habitat Cluster (QREN POFC 01/SIAC/2011 nº18653)”, and aimed to develop a national verification and registration system, of national and international visibility, for Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) specific for products of the habitat, based on objective and independent criteria, allowing for the implementation and availability of PCR (Product Category Rules) that substantiate the creation of EPDs that accurately validated on a database made available to the public.

More information at - daphabitat.pt