GAPES - Support Office for Sustainable Enterprises and Projects

GAPES - Support Office for Sustainable Enterprises and Projects


The Sustainable Construction Platform aims, through GAPES – Gabinete de Apoio a Projetos e Empreendimentos Sustentáveis (Support Office for Sustainable Enterprises and Projects), to create an interface for supporting public interaction, by connecting its members in order to solve any issues suggested by third entities. 

GAPES aims to contribute to the sustainability of the habitat value chain, featuring the following activities:

Supporting and evaluating projects and businesses within the sustainability area;

Monitoring and promotion of innovation projects;

Supporting the search of national and international partners;

Strengthening business opportunities for its members; 

Cooperation and liaison with municipalities and other associative structures at a national and international level in the field of sustainability;

Update of  the members’ database, its capacities and skills;

Reception and registration of documentation (legislation, news and events).

As managing entity of the Habitat cluster, the Sustainable Habitat Platform has been developing some contracts for provision of services with companies, municipalities and other entities.


Urban Center of the Future

Provision of services for developing of the specifications for the project “Urban Center of the Future – Development of new constructive models”, in the scope of the “Integrated Program for the regeneration of Águeda City”.

Guidelines for the development of the specifications;

Practical guide “Construction and Sustainable Refurbishment: Guidelines”;



Intermunicipal Community of Aveiro Region - CIRA

Provision of services for the "Monitoring Committee of the Water Efficiency of Buildings and Public Spaces Project - The Way for a Sustainable Water Management", presented to “POVT - Programa Operacional Temático Valorização do Território” (QREN 2007-2013) promoted by the consortium led by the Intermunicipal Community of Aveiro Region.

Good Practice Guide


Sustainability Park

Contract for “Provision of services of Technical Support for the Sustainability Park”