Marlene Costa Maia


Marlene Costa Maia - Architect 

Executive Coordination / Network Cooperation and Innovation and Competitiveness Management 964 170 271

February 2008 - present




Executive Coordinator in the Platform for Sustainable Construction Association, managing entity of the Sustainable Habitat cluster in Portugal, responsible for the coordination and management of projects promoting intercompany links and the scientific and technological community in the area of Habitat, in the development of cooperation and encouragement actions network partnerships, by the organization of seminars and congresses. Particularly involved in coordinating the submission of payment requests, in the preparation and maintenance of a physical and financial implementation framework of the strategic program, in the preparation of reports summarizing objectives, in the preparation of annual implementation reports, in the dynamization and mobilization of the Network agents, in the support and implementation of communication and dissemination mechanisms for the Network and other entities of the Habitat area and for the implementation of the defined internal and external communication and dissemination program.

Network Cooperation and Innovation and Competitiveness Management 

Orientation of Professional Internships (IEFP) in the field of Rehabilitation of Urban Centers

Management and follow-up of Projects:

- Partnerships for Urban Regeneration

- Urban Center of the Future (Águeda);

- Sustainability Park (CMAveiro);

- Follow-up on the "Hydric Efficiency in Buildings and Public Spaces" Project (CIRA)

Coordination of the Support office to Sustainable Projects and Enterprises - GAPES, an interface of support and public interaction. It aims to be a contribution to Habitat's sustainability domain.

Management and Coordination of the Sustainability Seal

The Sustainability Seal was launched with the objective of giving visibility to the companies and entities of the Habitat cluster that, based on strict criteria, demonstrate a clear commitment on sustainability as a motto for innovation and competitiveness.


Previous work experience

Higher Technician in the Private Works Division

Ílhavo City Hall

October 2005 - October 2006

Administrative Coordination

Nova Crete, USA March 2006 – July 2006 (5 months)

Nova Crete specializes in stamped concrete and other decorative concrete techniques for both commercial and residential projects in the New Jersey (NJ), New York (NY), Pennsylvania (PA), and Delaware (DE) areas. Residential spaces such as pool decks, patios, walkways and driveways can be enhanced by our stamped concrete system and the many other techniques that Nova Crete as perfected. Designers may call upon the Nova Crete’s experience to attain the desired look for commercial and residential spaces. Areas such as building entrances, parks, community centers and streetscapes and many other locations can be beutified through the use of stamped concrete.


Education and Training

Lusíada University of Lisboa, PhD in Architecture * area of Sustainability

2013 - 2021

Lusíada University of Lisboa, Masters in Architecture * area of Sustainability

2009 – 2011

Lusíada University of Porto Degree inArchitecture

1998 – 2005


Language Skills

Portuguese, English, Spanish and French.