Quem Somos - Programa de Ação

The guidelines envisaged for this cluster cover the several sectors and subsectors that comprise the Habitat Cluster.

The Work Plan involved in the cycle of 2009-2013 the setting of three Anchor Projects structuring the Cluster program and also the frameqirk of complementary projects.

The cluster´s anchor projects harmonized the integration skills with the needs of companies that comprise the cluster. These anchor projects were structured within three main areas for a collective action to support a set of complementary projects framed within the cluster efficiency strategy, designed to support the increase of competitiveness.

These projects involved the establishment of three centers of competence in the field of sustainable construction materials, sustainable construction technologies and on the built environment sustainability, claiming that their action influenced upstream and downstream the cluster value chain. Their articulation structured the knowledge and the skills to be designed and incorporated in the business in order to enhance their competitiveness.

The complementary projects represent iniciatives or projects led by companies and other entities of the cluster withim the cluster global strategy. Areas such as the development of sustainable construction materials and technologies, of solutions that promote energy and environmental performance of construction and its products, that concerns about the use of natural resources and also about economical issues of sustainable construction are framed within collective strategy of the Sustainable Habitat Cluster.