Sustainability Seal

Sustainability Seal


The Sustainable Construction Platform, as managing entity of the Sustainable Habitat Cluster in Portugal, launched an initiative that recognizes the effort of the entities of the Cluster in the field of Sustainability. 

It is the Sustainability Seal, given based on objective and rigorous criteria, that allow the candidates to see their efforts for sustainability recognized as entity (company, municipality, and others). 

The main aim is to give a qualifying seal based on criteria that show a clear bet in sustainability as a motto for innovation and competitivity from the companies and other entities. These criteria are clearly diversified to give an answer, both to the variety of the entities of the Habitat Cluster and the reach of the sustainability topic. So, there are criteria related to environmental, social and economical aspects as vital basis in the definition of sustainability.

The applications for the process of awarding of the sustainability seal are open permanently. 


For further information concerning the application, awarding process and validation of the seal contact