Vision and Mission


The Sustainable Habitat Cluster, recognized by the Portuguese Strategic Reference Framework as a Collective Efficiency Strategy (CES), is very broad cluster since it involves areas from the extraction sector to processing of building materials, as well as construction and rehabilitation and also other activities involving suppliers of goods and equipment for the built environment (Habitat).

The entities forming this Cluster intend to create synergies for the development of new products, technologies and building systems, a new practice in designing space and surrounding areas, leading to an attitude of innovation through the built environment sustainability, aiming to generate competitiveness.

This cluster has adopted the subject of Sustainability as a dynamic factor to its strategic development, aiming to contribute for a more "Sustainable Habitat".

Sustainability is the driving force for innovation and the desired transformation for the cluster, with impact on economic, social and environmental aspects.

While, in the national market, the strategic perspectives interventions mainly related to rehabilitation, conservation and qualification of the built heritage, in the international market, especially in developing countries, the prospect is also related to new construction.

In both markets, the statement of a specialization in sustainable construction by companies and other cluster agents can be an element of differentiation, generating factors of international competitiveness.