Into7PQ - Internacionalization and Innovation in the SHC

Into7PQ - Internacionalization and Innovation in the Sustainable Habitat Cluster
Financial Programme: SIAC - Support System Class Actions (AAC 01/SIAC/2012)
Project N.: 27357
Geographical area of ​​cooperation: National
Investment: 236,000 euros
Promoters: Centrohabitat
Other Partners: Téketo; Inovamais; CM Espinho; Umbelino Monteiro; AU; Jpaiva Construções; Eslam; Freedomgrow; Ecochoice; Commercial and Industrial Association of Funchal
Brief description and results achieved:
Into7PQ served to develop a focused dynamics that demand through innovation, technological development and qualification of the Habitat value chain businesses, strengthening their competitiveness and sustainability by mobilizing for this purpose a number of key players.
The Sustainable Construction Platform, in partnership with its member Inovamais, organized a Closing Seminar, thus making the balance of the SIAC project "Into7PQ" seizing the moment to present the evaluation of specific opportunities for Horizon 2020 in the habitat value chain.