Management and Promotion of The Sustainable Habitat Cluster






Management and Promotion of The Sustainable Habitat Cluster






Project Number: 027534 | Operation: POCI-01-0248-FEDER-027534

Implementation period: 2017-06-01 to 2020-05-31

Program: Internationalization and Competitivity Operational Program (Supporting System to Collective Actions – Networks and other ways of partnership and cooperation; AAC 01/SIAC/2017).

 Eligible investment: 214.274,51 Euros

 Financing: 107.137,26 Euros

Description and project objectives: the Management and Promotion of the Sustainable Habitat Cluster project aim to develop supporting activities and foster structural action as long as it is a consolidated Competitivity Cluster, recognized by the Government, to the Habitat value chain which involves the materials, construction and property market frames. 


Project activities:

1. Intercluster collaboration and international networks;

2. Cluster promotion and dissemination;

3. Intelligence, monitoring e evaluation;

4. Working groups cooperation and promotion;

5. Cluster capacity building;

6. Cluster management and coordination.


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