Management of The Sustainable Habitat Cluster 2021-2022





Management of The Sustainable Habitat Cluster 2021-2022






Project Number: 111896

Operation: POCI-01-0248-FEDER-111896

Implementation period: 2021-01-01 to 2022-08-31

Program: Internationalization and Competitivity Operational Program (Supporting System to Collective Actions – Networks and other ways of partnership and cooperation; AAC 02/SIAC/2020).

Eligible investment: 53.934,31 Euros

Financing: 26.967,16 Euros


Description and project objectives: Management and dynamization project of the Sustainable Habitat Cluster that aims to develop support activities and foster structuring actions as a consolidated Competitiveness Cluster, recognized by the Government, for the Habitat value chain, which involves the sectors of materials, construction and real estate.


Main activities of the Sustainable Habitat Cluster management project:

1. Provision of specialized support to companies, including marketing, technical assistance for participation in European initiatives and exchange of experiences between Member States (Cooperation and animation of the Cluster Working Groups, participation of the managing entity in national and international networks and events, and participation in initiatives of intermediate bodies);

2. Organization and implementation of awareness, information and demonstration actions (Promotion and dissemination of the Cluster);

3. Support to the processes of creation, registration and launch of own brands of a collective nature (Capacity of the Cluster);

4. Preparation of studies, researches and diagnoses directly related to the development of the project (Monitoring the Cluster, evaluation of results and market trends);

5. Promotion and dissemination of project activities and results, including creative development and production of materials in graphic, audiovisual or multimedia support (Dissemination of the actions and initiatives of the Cluster and its members through its newsletter, social networks, press and other specific actions).