Funded by: EEA Grants

Programme: Environment 

Program Operator: Secretary General of the Environment and Climate Action

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Promoter: Universidade de Aveiro


- Associação Plataforma para a Construção Sustentável - CentroHabitat

- EVRIS Foundation


EEA Grants Funding: 401 208,67 €

Total Funding: 72 010,17 €


Project Overview:

The proposed operation aims to provide UA with a methodology that allows the application of the Circular Economy principles. To achieve this goal, UA has two partners: Platform for Sustainable Construction Association, managing cluster Habitat in Portugal, that provides a network of I&D institutions, municipalities and companies in the Habitat value chain; and EVRIS Foundation, an Icelandic foundation, created for the purpose of sharing Icelandic knowledge and experience with other countries. Together, this partnership should be able to provide elements that enable UA building rehabilitation and maintenance projects to consider the Construction and Demolition Waste Management Plan (PGRCD) as an innovative project and a management tool in the logic of the principles of sustainable construction and circular economy; and develop a methodology for validating the application of the principles of sustainable construction and circular economy, being a factor to consider in decision-making and project development, since Preliminary Program. The PGRCD should establish mandatory use of materials incorporating components from recycled materials, at a viable percentage as the state of the art develops, an effective flow control of the handling of demolition materials to be an integral part of new material transformation and manufacturing processes, a guide of measures or assumptions for inclusion in specifications of the different specialties, round passports for buildings and components, development and application of environmental product declarations, demonstration projects for the implementation of the EC’s LEVEL (S) system.


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