Acoustic Insulation & Vibration Isolation – The Acousticork range

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Materials and Products

Amorim Cork Composites develops specific high performance compounds for acoustic insulation and vibration isolation.

- Underlay: Acoustic mats with reduced thickness, resistant and durable

Acousticork underlays are an effective way to reduce the transmission of noise impact, as well as reflected sound, with reduced thickness. They are compatible with new construction, remodeling and custom architectural projects.

Produced from 100% recycled and natural materials, underlays are a sustainable solution that are compatible with underfloor heating systems, suited for leveling out localized uneven areas and resistant to heavy loads. In addition to these advantages, they also are compatible with laminate boards with click-lock systems, have great durability and improve the thermal and comfort properties of the floor.

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- Underscreed – Mats to high acoustic demands

Acousticork underscreeds range offers the right product for medium to high acoustic demands. The product properties and profiling of the Acousticork floor mats are specially designed for high and variable loads, allowing sound insulation through its application between the structural slab and the screed.

Acousticork underscreeds are a high performance solution to insulate new buildings. These floor mats can be extended to multi-use buildings (hotels, refurbishments, assembly rooms, shopping centres, supermarkets, etc.) with a stable material properties over the entire service life of the building.

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- Vibration isolation materials – Low natural frequency / High vibration isolation

Acousticork vibration control materials are cork composites with natural and/or recycled rubber, easy to install, with proven technical qualities. They are essential for the damping function due to cork’s closed cell structure filled with air, which dissipates vibration energy into low grade heat in each vibration cycle, resulting in a low amplification at resonance, giving our materials operational effectiveness in a wide range of frequencies.

Isolating the source of the vibration is essential not only to protect the quality of life of people in both the immediate location and those in the surrounding environment; it also helps to protect equipment from the long-term degenerative effects of vibration.

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- Wall bearing – Decoupling solutions

Acousticork wall bearing increases the lifetime of buildings, decreasing crack appearance due to the decoupling of elements. The supports formed by cork granulated with recycled materials, are used to decouple the connections of the masonry with the building’s structure. It has been developed to effectively interrupt the transmission of footstep noise vertically through the masonry. The product is suitable for acoustic insulation in loadbearing and non-load-bearing walls.

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