Coating solutions

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Manufacturer of coating solutions for all kinds of surface, expert in protection and wood decor



> For Interior Wood: Security in paints and varnishes for interior woods

The RIKWOOD has the most efficient solutions in products for furniture: Water-based, Mono- and Bi-components, transparent and pigmented | Solvent-based, Mono- and Bi-components, transparent and pigmented | Wax, oils and complementary products | UV's | intumescent | Varnishes and special and adaptable Paintings. The products can be applied to: Wood, especially to interior woodwork | Furniture


> For Exterior Wood: Resistance and Protection for paints and varnishes for exterior wood

Products applicable in: Exterior Woods (Furniture, Fences, Pergolas, Garden Homes, Facades) | Doors and Windows | Parquet | floor | stairs | Handrails


> For Parquet and floor: Resistance in varnish for floor and parquet

Products with high wear resistance, odorless, environment friendly and durable.

Applicable in: floor, Parquet, Stairs, Handrails.

The products: Water-based | Mono and Bi components | Solvent-based, Mono and BI components.


> For Concrete and plaster: Resistance in plastic inks

Innovative and current solutions for protection and decoration of your home. | Products which awaken the senses and create environments to your image. | Innovative solutions with constant expert monitoring. | Paints for indoor and outdoor application.

Products: Polyurethane Funds, acrylic, polyester and lacquered mate; Varnish polyurethane and acrylic; thinners; pigmented polyurethane paints; Burnish polyurethane pigmented


> For Metal: Durability and safety in Paints for Metal

The RIKMETAL offers you high tech solutions, safe and appropriate for industrials and applicators that search for primary and guaranteed finishes, whatever your business area.

Our Products: Watery, mono and bi components, clear and pigmented | Solvent-base, mono and BI components, clear and pigmented | Intumescent.