Cultural Heritage Management

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Consultancy and Services


Cultural Heritage Management which includes conservation and restoration aspects, maintenance of cultural spaces, development of audiovisual solutions, promotion, dissemination and cultural heritage communication.



> REHABILITATION: Inspection and diagnosis | Rehabilitation of covers | Concrete rehabilitation | Rehabilitation and treatment of stonework | Treatment of tiled facades | Rehabilitation of plaster, stucco and gypsum | Coverings and plasterboard partitions | System ETICS | Structural reinforcement | Wooden structures | Treatment of gratings | contemporary coatings | Lighting.

> CONSERVATION AND RESTORATION: Masonry | Tile; Mural Painting | plasters | gilt | sculpture | Painting on canvas or on board | furniture | Metals.

> MUSEOLOGY: Production and development of museum projects.

> AUDIO VISUAL SOLUTIONS: Sound and professional image | personalized multimedia kiosks.

> PROMOTION, DISSEMINATION AND COMMUNICATION: Development of cultural marketing projects | Development of outreach activities | Production and communication of Events | Development of online content and platforms | Production and development of brands in the cultural heritage area.