Expanded Clay

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Materials and Products
Manufacturing of expanded clay for construction, insulation and waterproofing
References: Argex 0-2; Argex 2-4; Argex 3-8F; Argex 3-8; Argex 8-16. 
Argex expanded clay can be used in several applications.
> CONSTRUCTION: Regulation, filling and insulating floor | Drainage of structures | Lightened slabs | Inclined and flat roofs | Mortars and light plasters | Lightweight structural concrete
> FLORA AND LANDSCAPING: Green roofs | Horticulture | Substrate | Gardens, terraces and flowerpots | Wetlands
> GEOTECHNICS: Durable and lightweight support of roads and railways | Lightweight fillers above tunnels and underground stations | Light and drainage embankments abutting the retaining walls in ports and piers construction | Masonry walls | Underground garages | Landfills.
> FILTER: Bio filtration in wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) | Wastewater treatment of small housing units | Filling waste water beds, domestic or industrial | Biofilms support | Pisciculture.
> TERMOSOLAR: Insulation and filling of heat storage tanks in solar thermal plants.
> PREFABRICATED CONCRETE: Jack-archs and insulating concrete blocks | Blocks for slabs lightening | Pre-slabs | noise barriers, etc.