Flooring and ceramic covering

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Materials and Products
Manufacturing and commercialization of flooring and ceramic covering.
Aleluia Cerâmicas portfolio includes a set of three brands, each with its own characteristics and response to different expectations and market needs, comprising solutions for:
• Pressed Porcelain
• Extruded Porcelain
• Flooring and Ceramic coverings in white paste
• Traditional Tiles - author projects
The brand Ceramic assumes a new expression and confirms the commitment of offering stylish, innovative, versatile and sophisticated collections. It offers: covering of larger formats, flooring and porcelain, product ranges using the latest digital printing technology, technical products in various formats in a wide palette of colors, maintaining partnerships with unique personalities in the area of color and design.
> The brand Keratec includes products that are manufactured in a modern and innovative portuguese ceramics unit of floor and wall coverings in porcelain extruded, whose diversity and range of physicochemical characteristics superior quality serve the needs of the most demanding projects.
> The brand Viúva Lamego produces traditional Portuguese tiles through special projects.