Plasterboard manufacturing and commercialization

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Materials and Products
Plasterboard manufacturing and commercialization of all the accessories required for dry building systems.
> PLASTERBOARDS: Type A - Standard | Type H - water repellent | Type F - Anti-Fire | Type D - High Hardness
> COMPOSED BOARD: Gypcork Board (ICB) | XPS Composed Board | EPD Composed Board
> PROTECT GYPTEC BOARD: Coated Board with a special fiberglass fabric instead of traditional paper, which gives an excellent moisture resistance and reaction to fire classification A1. 
> GYPTEC VOGL PERFORATED BOARD: Composed by a perforated plaster board and an acoustic black veil on the rear face, which absorbs high frequencies and prevent falling dust.
> PASTA: Adhesive Glue GA | GR2; GR4; GS24 Jointing | Jointing Ready to Use GPR-J
> SUPPORT TOOLS (TECHNICAL SERVICE): Online Platform - Solutions ManageR | Technical Handbook for Plasterboard Systems.