Quality and efficiency in water building installations

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Consultancy and Services


Technical and scientific non-profit association, whose general objectives are the promotion and guarantee of quality and efficiency in building installations, with particular emphasis on building water cycle and on sustainability issues.



 > Technical and scientific support;

 > Vocational training actions;

 > Information Events and dissemination of new products and technical solutions;

 > Editing and distribution of publications and Technical Specifications;

 > Development of opinions on projects;

 > Certification of Technical Compliance of Projects;

 > Facilities Certification (Technical Compliance);

 > Certification of Water Efficiency of products;

 > Participation in Technical Committees;

 > Technical and health certification of rainwater harvesting systems;

 > Technical and health certification of reusing of gray water systems.

 > Certification and labeling of Water Efficiency for new buildings;

 > Quality Audits (existing facilities);

 > Water Efficiency Audits (existing buildings);

 > Professional certification of Installers /Plumbers;

 > Catalog of Certified Products.